Youth Voices Matter – Journey Journal

The Journey Journal

LEGACY MATTERS. While the historical record of human-kind’s accomplishments and growth as a species is arguably well documented, the focus and points-of-view are mainly those of the adult population, especially those in power. The contributions of young people is almost non-existent and their opinions and advice on highly critical community issues and its struggles is usually not sought out or entirely ignored outright. We plan to change that with the THE ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE YOUTH TEAM.

Nos Quedamos is committed to not only identifying and developing the next generation of community leaders, stakeholders and organizers, but we are equally vested in documenting their entire experiences, growth and positive contributions as a matter of public record. This space, affectionately being called “The Journey Journal,” is the first step in that process. The words, thoughts and musings—in various media—are the dynamic youth cohort’s own and the collective archive represents a front-row seat into their plans, the process, goals and ultimately the legacy they are leaving in their wake for future generations to learn from and follow…