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THE TIME IS NOW: Housing & Homeownership

“THE TIME IS NOW: Housing & Homeownership” covers the history of Nos Quedamos’ organizing pedigree from its humble beginnings as a people-led housing movement that helped mobilized and brokered the precedent-setting Melrose Urban Renewal Plan, leading to true home-ownership in the region, on through becoming a seasoned change agent in the environmental resiliency space, as well as a steward for social service delivery and relevant cultural programming in the South Bronx. “NQ Delegates” mobilize community members (link the ones interviewed in the video) to understand the power of voting, organizing and being civically engaged.

To learn more about NQ Delegates and how to become part of this exciting community-minded cohort, go to —

This short film was recorded and edited by members of NQ Delegates. Narrated by Sonyi E. López.

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