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Edwin Pagán is a Bronx-based artist, cultural advocate, strategist, and activist with over 30 years of hands-on experience in communications, organizing, program development and implementation in the non-profit and commercial sectors, who leverages his narrative massaging skills to craft uniquely relevant marketing and design concurrence campaigns in the service of the South Bronx community.

His rare skill-set of creative and administrative experience ideally lends itself to leading project management initiatives that require interaction and facilitation among culturally diverse populations, and where critical long-term network building capacities are required.

Pagán gained his extensive experience as a result of working technical assistance and programming capacities at the Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA), Association of Hispanic Arts (AHA), Black Filmmaker Foundation, National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), and Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors (HOLA).

Since the 1990s, Pagán has been an instrumental thought leader in the development of “Cultural Identity Reclamation” practices that seek to re-align the factual narratives and cultural community legacy of the South Bronx through a people-led bottom-up approach that reframes those historical stories/assets from the community’s perspective that today he refers to as “placekeeping.”

He is also the program manager for the building community capacity initiative Bronx Culture Collective (BxCC), where he’s worked with a co-hort of South Bronx-based community arts organizations, a project that seeks to strengthen and unify the arts resources in the region as a tool for empowerment and expanded collaboration to collectively address the region’s most pressing social issues, including gentrification.

During his tenure, he developed the ‘South Bronx X South Bronx’ community resource portal, an online platform that is helping to realign how the region is perceived beyond its borders, as well as the “Bronx Baton,” a unification series that brings together community stakeholders around a common table to discuss issues of relevant concern in the South Bronx with the aim of expanding our collaborative capacities in the region.

Pagán is also the webmaster for nosquedamos.org


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