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Imani Cenac migrated from Saint Lucia to the Bronx at 4 years old, where she has experienced the differences in food access based on socioeconomic status. Now as a rising senior at Hunter College, Imani studies the systemic factors that contributed to her lived experiences through a lens of public health and policy. Imani’s interest in the environmental impact on community wellbeing inspires her to advocate for safe, quality foods and clean air. Imani enjoys gardening and growing food and hopes to get more involved in community gardens around the New York City area.

Through courses such as Health Program Planning & Evaluation, Social Structure & Health, and Public Health Biology, Imani has learned to plan, implement, and evaluate public health programs. She’s had the opportunity to apply this training through volunteer work with Peer Health Exchange, where she led conversations on mental, physical, and social health with high school students. At times, these conversations were not easy, but Imani guided students through them respectfully, demonstrating leadership skills. In addition to her public health training, Imani is a passionate leader and advocate in her community. Through her internship in legal advocacy with the Welfare Rights Initiative, Imani spoke to state representatives in Albany in advocacy for all students’ access to education. In addition, with the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining and the Professions, Imani expanded her skills in research, communication, and data organization through locating Collective Bargaining Agreements from institutions across the country.

Most recently, Imani interned at the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, where she partnered with the facilitators of the Council on Hunger and Food Policy to gather ideas and perspectives on community access to food and equity for local farmers. Imani’s experience in Peer Health Exchange, combined with other professional experiences providing access to necessities (food, shelter, and a clean environment), not only developed Imani’s interests but also gave her the tools to shape her community through education, advocacy, and public policy. Imani would appreciate the opportunity to explore public health work with grassroots projects and government sectors to empower individuals through building community and information-sharing. Imani’s strong sense of collaboration and excitement to strengthen communities, equip her for a career supporting local distributors and combating food disparities in New York.