Ely Díaz

Director, Community Development & Social Services

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Eulogia Díaz (Director, Community Development & Programs) earned her Baccalaureate in Liberal Arts from State University of New York The College at New Paltz in the spring of 1994. She began her social work career in 2001 at South Bronx Action Group. Inc. as a consultant teaching ESL and U.S. History and Government for their Immigration Program, and just a few years later, she advanced to an Immigration Specialist. In 2011, South Bronx Action Group, Inc. and We Stay/Nos Quedamos, Inc, merged and she continued to expand immigration work.

In 2014, Eulogia successfully completed Association for Neighborhood Housing & Development’s Center for Neighborhood Leadership community organizing internship. As Community Development and Programs Coordinator, she worked to organize residents and community gardens while helping to expand our network of partnerships to help strengthen our organization’s work.

As the internal liaison between Social Service Department and Community Development & Programs Department, Eulogia has focused her priorities on improving the NQ Tools data base alongside the IT Specialist to ensure that the information gathered captures data and analysis of the community needs and program activation.

Eulogia was recently promoted to Director of Community Development and Social Services and continues to care, advocate and work engaging and organizing the community.


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