NY State 2022 Redistricting Map

Your Voting Districts have changed!

The recent redistricting that has taken place in New York has affected almost every Congressional, Senate and Assembly district in all corners of the state. These changes have wide-ranging implications, especially as voters prepare to head to the polls for primary races in June 2022. In many cases, the boundaries have been redrawn so drastically that even your elected representatives are not who they were just a few month ago! You can see how your voting districts have changed during this process below. Also, download the 2022 Political Calendar (courtesy NYS Board of Elections).

 There are three under-friendly ways to confirm your districts and representatives:

1.  Insert your address into the search bar and hit enter,
2. Select a civic category (Congress, State Senate, or Assembly), or
3. Click on the drop-down menu and select a district by its number (although this may be correct for you at this point because of the changes).

Go ahead. We Dare you! And be prepared to be surprised (or shocked).

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