The Partnership for Resilient Communities (PRC)
South Bronx Community Land & Resource Trust (SBxL&CRT)
The community land trust model is a highly valuable strategy for securing community led development goals and protecting community priorities in relation to land use management. As a community based developer We Stay/Nos Quedamos Committee, Inc. views this approach as an imperative for advancing our goals for expanding community engagement in the development process ensuring sustainable development that will prioritize deep affordability. Further, this approach will allow for communities to collectively assess and work with the existing resources of the surrounding region to ensure that the future of community development will be directed toward meeting the community’s aspirations and need in ways that respect the values, scale and character within.
The South Bronx Land and Community Resource Trust is a community-based non-profit organization that will own property and manage infrastructure, based on the understanding that land, housing, and open space are natural resources and not commodities; that natural resources and infrastructure can be managed locally to improve broader-based municipal planning, coordination, and service delivery; and that these are best held for the public good as necessary underpinnings of urban quality of life, health, and economic development. The South Bronx Land and Community Resource Trust seeks the support of the New York City Council as it moves forward with this initiative and in coordination with the New York City Land Institute and the 9 other Community Land Trust initiatives, existing and proposed, sponsored by non-profit community organizations across the five boroughs.
The South Bronx Land and Community Resource Trust (SBxL&CRT), a proposed community land trust (CLT), is a non-profit ownership of land wherein building ownership is independent and is limited to the structure and not the underlying land- there is a lease agreement between the CLT and building ownership. The SBxL&CRT will be governed by residents and partnered with community development corporations, community gardens and community cultural and arts organizations. South Bronx Land and Community Resource Trust is intended to not only preserve and create deeper affordability in housing but will also address protecting accessibility to community open space as an equal part of the balance in creating viable, long-term sustainable communities. Further, the model considers some broad approaches to land use management and local economic development opportunity that would be uniquely available to a community land trust entity and will be utilized to develop effective strategies to confront issues relating to environmental resilience, with the ability to address concerns of supplemental municipal infrastructure, public safety, and cultural preservation and development.
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New York Times - ``A Renewal Plan in the Bronx Advances``
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