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Nos Quedamos and Partners push to safeguard ‘Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act’

In 2019, NY made history by passing the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA), but today we’re in danger of it becoming an unfunded mandate. Nos Quedamos has joined forces with its climate justice partners to gather at the State Capital in Albany on March 8, 2022 to amplify our collective voices to ensure that the Bronx is not left behind and receives the funding we need to prepare for and mitigate future caused by  global warming and other natural environmental disasters spurned on by mankind’s excesses and negligence.

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) represents New York State’s ambitious goal of reaching nation-leading climate targets to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Passed in 2019, the CLCPA mandates an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, zero-emission electricity by 2040, as well as a surge in renewable energy production and transmission.

March 8, 2022 will be a day to remember. Over 300 New Yorkers will march on the Capitol in Albany to demand climate justice, and hundreds more will participate online to make our call heard! New York State needs #15BillionBecause climate justice just can’t wait another year. This is our last, best chance to tell our elected officials why our communities need funding for climate justice. Let’s show the legislature that we are a united, grassroots movement to demand action on the climate crisis!

We will be in Albany March 8th demanding that our elected officials and representatives stand with us in safeguarding the $15B package passed in 2019!

Can’t join us in Albany March 8th? Then do your part on social media from work or home by participating in a massive Tweetstorm: and tell our NYS leadership that we need $15B for Environmental Justice in our communities!

You can join our Massive March 8th Tweetstorm directed at New York State leadership (the Governor, Speaker, and Majority Leader) using this simple one-click tool! PLEASE SHARE!

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By Edwin Pagán

Edwin Pagán is the Director of Communications and Media for WE STAY/Nos Quedamos, as well as the webmaster for

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