Bronx Wide Platform

The Bronx People’s Platform is the result of Bronx residents building power together for years—across neighborhoods; across generations; across lines of race, gender, class, ethnicity, immigration status, and faith. Over the course of a year, thousands of Bronxites engaged in a participatory process to develop the Bronx People’s Platform because we were clear that we needed to craft a collective vision for the Bronx that would unite our organizing efforts across the entire borough. No more will we be organizing in our silos pushing back against bad policies, bad development, and bad actors. Instead, we stand united with one vision for an equitable, sustainable, and just Bronx for our communities and families. 

With this platform, we are say loud and clear that this is the beginning of a new day for the Bronx, where our agenda and our plans set the path forward. Our collective process of building solidarity and creating a shared platform serve as the foundation for the development of a cross institutional leadership council and a Bronx-wide Plan. We will use the tenets of our platform and our shared set of values and principles to shape the narrative of our community, hold current and future elected officials accountable, and realize our vision through directed policy and investment in our borough.